Stressed? ... Garden! Feeling down? … Garden! Need a pick-me-up? ... Garden! Want to increase brain and heart health, reduce risk for dementia andAlzheimer’s? ... Garden! Garden! Garden!

Surely you get the point! If not, it turns out, spending a small portion of your day outside, knees on the ground, hands in the soil and sweat dripping from your brow has miraculous benefits to your health and wellbeing. Not to mention the rewards!!

Distant are the memories of all the kids sitting on Nana’s porch with several wash tubs (pronounced “warsh tubs”, with an emphasis on the imaginary and obviously forgotten ‘R’ in the spelling) separating the partakers. One for the strings, another for the broke beans, and the largest tub holding what seemed to be an endless supply of fresh picked “greasybacks”; an heirloom green bean variety common to most every dinner table of the southern Appalachians. The world seemed, and was, negligible. All we worried about was finishing the chore with enough daylight left to run aimlessly around the farm until the call for supper was heard. Racing to the dinner table, we paid no attention to the role that agriculture played on our lives as we hurdled the freshly hilled rows, as if we were Olympians in the 100m hurdles, weaving in and out of the corn stalks, stopping only to crawl under, or in the later years, hurdling the fence surrounding the house, before we were halted at the front door; “shoes off, pants rolled and hands washed, unless you want to mop the floor.”

Undoubtedly, the role of agriculture is paramount in our lives and is one of the many things we all have in common, serving the lucky families 3 times a day. It’s ironic, that in America, we are overfed, yet undernourished, and still, hunger effects millions of people... MILLIONS!

So let’s do something about it!!

Grow your own food at home, it’s easy! All you need are seeds, soil, something to hold the soil, and water. Of course your garden can be outside in the ground, but you can also grow a significant amount of crops in raised beds and for those with limited space, in containers. And BAM! We are eliminating food insecurity seed by seed. Share or trade produce you won’t use, share cooking ideas, get the youth involved and now we have a movement or crusade, community development, or whatever you want to call it. In the end, you know what is in your food because you grew it. And the taste, Mmmm!!

Moving forward, we will talk about all the facets of how to’s, common pitfalls, tips and tricks, and other captivating information to maximize your growing space. So check back with us to see what’s being discussed next!!

Until next time… keep your hands dirty and thumbs green!!

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