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The six-acre vegetable farm is the centerpiece of the 5401 North community; a community designed for you! Located in northeast Raleigh, N.C., at the intersection of US 401N and Interstate-540, the community provides a vast selection of modern amenities to offer its residents, while retaining traditional neighborhood living. Here at Purple Martin Community Farm we are committed to growing fresh produce for the neighborhood and surrounding community, promoting healthy living, and being a resource for educational programs. There are many benefits and reasons to be excited about urban farms, especially Purple Martin Community Farm.


The idea and implementation of an urban farm located in the 5401 North community, came to fruition through a grant awarded to the Louisiana State University by the Wilbur Marvin Foundation; Whose mission is, “To seek out development opportunities that add to the greater good, and operate a commercial real estate company that ensures profitability while making a difference in the communities where we invest.” Located at the center of the community, the site was selected to showcase the importance of locally grown produce within the neighborhood, the influential role that agriculture plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and to maximize the long-term value and impact on the surround community. The farm will consist of raised planter boxes for residents to rent yearly, row gardening and greenhouses that support a community supported agriculture program and a small farmers market, and a community gathering area for events. By employing various growing techniques, we have the ability to extend the growing season to offer the residents and surrounding community fresh produce year-round.


“Not just a place to live, a place to live better.” The 5401 North aims to provide the resources for its residents to champion healthy living; the Purple Martin Community Farm is the backdrop. With the urban farm located centrally in the neighborhood, the residents have an endless resource they can use to incorporate healthy changes into their lifestyle. Whether its volunteering on the farm, working in their own raised planter boxes or simply walking to the farmers stand, the residents have more reasons to become invested in the farm and the neighborhood. Further, the therapeutic role gardening can have on ones’ wellbeing is prodigious.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be a resource for educational programs and workshops. As we continually develop programs aimed at the youth, we hope to interest and excite them about growing vegetables, eating healthier, while also learning about science and the importance of being environment stewards. Programs will also be developed to teach and encourage parents and adults to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their daily foods. With the support of Wake Tech Community College, we will offer opportunities for student internships, apprenticeships, and other continuing education classes built around culinary studies, sustainable agriculture, and marketing and sales; to name a few programs. Additionally, we will have volunteer activities for all ages to participate with.

We welcome you all to come visit and participate in the great things that are happening on the Purple Martin Community Farm and help us to achieve our vision of providing large amounts of fresh, locally grown produce to the residents of 5401 North and the surrounding community. We encourage you to follow our blog and begin your own gardens, and join in the push for the healthy living and lifestyles. - Ty

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